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Mosley Media Marketing 


Specializing in Creating Short Form Content for individuals, start-ups, and companies and businesses locally, nationally and globally.


Barry A Mosley is the owner and lead creative for Mosley Media Marketing which is located in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Barry has over two decades of experience in media sales and marketing, and over forty on-camera television commercial credits, and over one-hundred online videos. He is also an award-winning photographer, and an active member of the

Professional Photographers Association.  


In his limited free time, Barry enjoys spending time with the family, reading, sketching, as well as exploring new towns, galleries, coffee shops, and corner bars. His daily exercise includes walking in the local parks with his two Labradors...Mac & Milo.


my shoot 102.jpg


 I can't help but feel I was meant to be this way.... living each day with a creative curse ...

 I wouldn't want to live any other way...

Personal marketing consultation and creative services for small start-up business owners to large established businesses and companies locally, national and global.

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